Alakazam (alakazam17) wrote,

Meme time!

This is a meme I got from ilean24355:

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

She gave me an 'N,' so here I go:

Nolita Fairytail - Vanessa Carlton
I absolutely love this song, and the video that goes along with it. Especially how she starts by destroying the piano from her previous 1000 Miles video. xD

나말고 넷 - IU
I recently downloaded all of IU's songs, and this is one of my favourites. This girl is still a teenager, and she's already singing like this:

Nanatsu no Umi  no Monogatori - Asumi Nakata
I love all the Mermaid Melody music, and this is the only one that starts with the letter N, XD. But regardless, this is still one of my favourites among the series' Japanese songs. ^^

Не Отдам - МакSим

I believe I've posted this on LJ before, but here's my chance to do it again! It roughly translates to "I won't give up," which is something I tend to say all the time myself.

Não me Leve a Mal - Wanessa Camargo
I was looking to put a second English song in here, but I can't find any that I like, haha. Thus I was left deciding between Нежность, also by МакSим, and this, one of my favourites from Wanessa.

ilean24355 mentioned in her entry about supporting Australian bands, and here I am without a single Canadian on my list. Haha
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