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My mom and grandma came up to Ottawa on Monday, and we all went out to Gatineau on the Québec side of the river. There, we went to the Canadian Musem of Civilization, where they were holding an exhibit on Japan. They had several old scrolls, Samurai armour, and other traditional articles of clothing, in addition to several more modern artifacts, including robots, iPhones, some popular manga titles, and, which seemed most surprising to me, Pokémon figurines! Celebi, Tepig, Chikorita, Sunflora, Zekrom, and Pikachu, among others.

While there I went to get a wheelchair for my grandma, when I suddenly realized that I had no idea how to say "wheelchair" in French. And to make matters worse, the receptionist didn't know the English word! I now know that it's chaise roulante, thanks to another employee there who taught me the expression. I do understand what people were saying in French, but it takes longer to register in my brain than it would in my native tongue, and in that time most of the bilingual folks I was speaking to just switched to English. This was no exception.


I'm making some mental typos in French now, which I find kind of amusing. Instead of writing mon amie recently, I subconsciously typed mon anime. And I thought it was bad when I did it in I have a whole new vocabulary of words to mutilate! XD

I've been debating over which language to begin studying en masse when I'm through with my similar project in French. It'll either be German or Russian, with the one I don't choose merely getting delayed until I'm better with the other. I originally had my mind set on Russian, because I've been able to read Cryllic for nearly a decade now so that is no longer a stepping stone, and it does have more total speakers in the world(particularly here on LJ). But German may be the best to start with, because for one, there are some grammatical practises they share with Russian that French and English simply don't have, and it may be better to get introduced to them in a Latin alphabet first. Second of all, while Russian has more speakers overall, I know more German-speakers personally. =3


I'm just eleven more episodes away from finishing Fresh Pretty Cure, at which point I'll be able to say I'm fully caught up to the PreCure franchise. I've heard a lot of negative relatively negative reviews for Fresh here on cyberspace, but I actually enjoyed it, perhaps even more than Pretty Cure 5 before it. I intially said Miki was my favourite, but Setsuna really grew on me, and I like Love too now. I guess I'll just resort to saying I love them as a group. ^_^

Thanks to smishingtrip for letting me know that Doctor Who actually was on last Saturday, despite the messages against that effect on Sidereel. I liked the episode, and  now I can't wait for next week's, the last one before they go on hiatus until the fall. Tis good Torchwood comes back in the meantime. <3

Thanks to ninchu and mifuui for suggesting some more French music for me to search out. When ninchu mentioned Carla Bruni earlier, I had a feeling I had heard the name before, but I couldn't quite place it until I saw her married name. She's the first lady of France! And then there was Emilie Simon, below. Très belle!

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