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While waiting for the election results yesterday, I finally did my income tax. I've always waited until the very last day to do it, but this year I decided I'll finally get it done sooner. And then what do I do? File them on the last day. Again! XD I guess I'll always be a procrastinator at heart. I remember in grade seven I wrote this big book report, finally finishing up the title page while my teacher was going down the aisles collecting papers. I timed it so perfectly that the finishing touches were done mere seconds before he picked it up.

I'm doing pretty good in this hockey pool at work. Most of these guys who are actual hardcore hockey fans ended up picking some of their favourite players and whatnot, whereas I just threw a bunch of numbers in a blender and came out with what I thought would work. Now I'm one of only three people who hasn't lost any players in Round One! It will be so funny if I end up winning this thing, though I'm still not holding my breath.


I'm rather disgusted by the Harper majority we got yesterday, yet I am rather enthralled by the amazing NDP growth. Jack has gained a new residence right here in Ottawa, making the thought of Harper being in power until 2016 slightly less bitter to the taste. I always voted NDP, and am glad to see how many others did the same this time, especially in Québec. Hopefully Jack will be able to handle all of his new MP's, many of which being young folks new to the political playground. As for Iggy, he lost his own riding and quit the next day! I couldn't have thought up a better endgame myself. =D

Another big news story yesterday: Osama Bin Laden is confirmed dead. Unlike many of the people in the crowds south of the border, though, I'm not happy that he died. I am happy that he'll never take another life of course, though I just don't like killing, regardless of cause. Furthermore, he was killed around several children, including his own daughter. Methinks that'll spark another generation of folks who hate America. As for the current generation, I see them having a larger incentive to attack civilians now, not a lesser one. Those who think this war is over, and I've seen several who do, are horribly mistaken. Luckily the governments don't share this sentiment.


All my TV shows are back, Yay! But most of them will be gone again soon, with the exception of Doctor Who. I love coming up with predictions for these things, the stranger the better. Right now I'm playing with the idea that Amy is River's mother, which would make some twisted sort of sense that the Doctor Who franchise is known for.

As for Gossip Girl...Charlie is a little bitch! I couldn't quite figure out what was wrong with her until that moment in yesterday's episode. I'm all for making Vanessa a villain and everything, but she was taking care of that on her own. Blair doesn't need a prince, she needs to send Charlie back to Kansas(or wherever she's from) and rescue her dude in distress. I wonder how plausible this prediction is, eh? XD

I accidentally deleted all the music on my MP3 player while adding some Taylor Swift music. It won't be too tedious to get most of it back, but it meant that for a few days all I had on it was Swift. So I've suddenly gotten a plethora of songs repeating more often than usual, including this one that's gotten stuck in my head. Darker than most of her work, I'll say:


So, I work from one to seven today, and after that my parents are coming up to drive me back home for the rest of the holiday weekend. This will be the first Sunday I've had off this year, seriously, so I'm looking forward to that. Going home will be at the expense of missing Doctor Who on the premier date, but I can live with that. I think.

Work should be relatively interesting today. We usually unload one large truck on Friday, and one on Saturday. However, seeing as everything was closed yesterday, both are arriving today. I like working on the trucks though, as it usually allows time to pass by rather quickly. Meaning my little six-hour shift will rush by in the blink of an eye. ^_^


I beat Mass Effect 2! I tried my hardest to make it through the final mission without killing anyone, but Zaeed succombed to the enemy fire. I may try the whole mission over again to get another outcome, or I may just put it aside whilst I replay the series in wait for the third installment. I usually only get used, cheaper games, but in this case I'll be picking it up the day it comes out. And the trailer looks amazing. A year ago I'd laugh at the notion of getting excited about a shooting game, but now here I am. Though in my own defence, the shooting aspect is merely one small bit of the bigger picture. ^_^


I've been stuck in a rut recently, not really doing much of value. I seem to get into this mood once in awhile, where I don't feel like doing anything. But then, poof! It stops, and I'm a functioning member of the internet society again.

My mom came up to visit me earlier this week, and once again she's been questioning why I am not looking to be in a romantic relationship with anyone. I was fairly sure that I had clarified a lot about my identity with her and my father last summer, but I suppose I was still too vague. I think they were relieved I wasn't gay, and they didn't really stop to see anything else. Though that did make me question how they would have reacted if I was gay. It just seemed like big news from my perspective, seeing as it was the most I've said on the subject to them in all of my soon-to-be 24 years on this Earth. I am going to try it again, next time I go home, this time being as blunt as possible. 


I'm finding that everytime I want to write, I end up thinking I don't know enough about the places and things I'm writing about, and thus start researching that instead of writing. My novel, that I've had in my head for awhile now, is supposed to be sociopolitical, so I don't intend to beat around the bushes on big issues. Therefore, I think I'll keep my head in the books for a little while longer.


On a lighter note, I finally got to tune into Gossip Girl after over a month of downtime, and I only have one thing to say: "What, they didn't show us anything? Could it be because...Noooo! Yes, Chuck's plan didn't work! Now Dan can...Nooooooo!" Okay, maybe that's a few things to say, but I digress. Seriously, I'm fairly sure I know what the endgame is going to be, but I can't help wishing for something else, lol. Let's just see what Dan can do when he's up against both a billionaire and a prince. And speaking of which, whoever said Blair isn't powerful is a damn liar. XD


So, ilean24355 suggested I take a picture of my new 3DS and put it here, so I'm going to do just that! Here we go:

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While I was out today, it appears my 3DS picked up two random people who also had Nintendo's newest system. I've had it for a few days now, but this is first time it picked up anyone. Tis yet another incentive for me to get out of the house and exercise. ^_^


I'm finally hearing more about Ivory Coast in the main headlines again. But sadly, we had to wait until hundred more people had lost their lives. The West African nation has been in a state of disarray since November. months before there were any riots in Egypt or Libya. However, these North African nations seemed to get all the news coverage, while Ivory Coast was given the blind eye. It makes me wonder what else is going on in the world that just doesn't make the headlines.

While learning some more Chinese characters, I have been attempting to get them all typed up using my keyboard. I have been using the Cangjie method, which seems simple in principle, but I keep messing it up in practise, where one wrong key completely ruins your chances. All in due time, I suppose. I'll just keep at it!


I'm almost finished with season one of Supernatural now. I'm such a scardey cat with horror, but this show isn't too bad. My favourite so far was Faith, where Sam and Dean were fighting a Reaper. I liked it because of the conflicts involved, as whether they defeated their foe or not, someone would still die. And the last episode I watched, Hell House, was good for another reason: it was hilarious! The brothers' pranks against each other reminded me of all the things my little brother and I would do to each other, XD.

Music-wise, Korean singer Lee Ji-eun, better known as IU, has got my attention. She has an excellent voice, and can hold her notes extremely well. I think she's going to be around for a long, long time. And she's only seventeen! She makes me feel really old, lol.


Oh my, there are so many hilarious April Fool's jokes running around on the web today. One of my favourites has got to be this:

And this little advertisement from IGN:

And another from Google:

And then there was the story of Richard Branson BUYING PLUTO! XD

But I'm always interested in the Pokémon pranks, and this year didn't disappoint. I specifically love Bulbagarden's guide to competitive link battles, though the best definitely comes from PokéCommunity, which is mocking its long time rival, Serebii.


While work can get tiring at times, it is not without its comic relief. My boss was jokingly suggesting he demote one of my co-workers to the front end, and in responce, he says that would be awesome! To put it in his words, "I'd get to have weekends off, and not do as much work." He was just being sarcastic however, but it's gotten us going. So on this upcoming April Fool's Day, he'll be moved to the other schedule. I'm so glad that I'll be in that morning to see the look on his face, and whether or not he falls for it. XDD

My room is a complete and utter mess. I meant to clean it on Monday, but I found something else to do. *sweatdrops* I really need to make this a common thing, keeping things in order and making the place look presentable. I'll get into procrastination mode again now, and say I'll do it tomorrow. ^_^


Been slowly progressing through early Chinese history, specifically the Zhou, Qin, and Han Dynasties. There definitely seems to be an even split between people who put Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, in a postive light and those who antagonize him. He did a lot for China that we can still see today, most notably the unified writing system. He also constructed the Great Wall, sacrificing hundreds, perhaps thousands, of lives in the process. I recently watched the movie Hero, which represented him as a good man who cared for China, and who sacrificed all those people for the betterment of the region as a whole. I don't agree with the sentiment, but I still liked the movie. 

New election in store for Canada this upcoming May 2nd. Stephen Harper even had to cancel his invitation to William and Kate's wedding so he could campaign, lol. A lot of people are upset at this new revelation in Canadian politics, but I don't mind myself. I just hope they campaign with actual issues, not mudslinging. If I see one commercial complaining about the Liberals keeping Harper from a royal wedding, I'll headdesk for real.


I got the 3DS! EB Games was open from nine to five on Sunday, and I worked eight to five, so I used up the majority of my lunch break making my way down there to buy it. I was hoping the three-dimensional graphics would be awesome, but they were even better than I thought! Nintendo's really got a winner here, and I can't wait until the first Pokémon and Zelda games come out for it. Furthermore, it also has a built in camera and music player, both of which I will be abusing to no end. And, unlike my MP3 player, the 3DS supports Cryllic characters, which makes it even better. The only thing I dislike is that it's now region-locked, meaning that I cannot play my Japanese White game on it.

A little less than three weeks before Gossip Girl returns! In the meantime the only American series I'm watching is Fringe, which just got the go-ahead for a new season, which is something I'm happy to hear about. I find it odd how they introduce new concepts in the alternate universe so vaguely, as if to pretend that it's something everyone should know. But nonetheless, it still manages to work, XD. 

Been listening to Christina Stürmer recently, trying to keep up with her lyrics. Sadly my German is still horribly lacking, but I still like it:


I got tagged for this here meme by my friend Mary over on FaceBook. I won't tag anyone though, as I think I'll just take my chances with Chuck Norris.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you're screwed. You are supposed to write a note with 100 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. If you don't even have 25 friends, don't even do this. lol :) You have to tag the person who tagged you or get roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris. (To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, copy and paste this note, erase my answers and enter your own, tag people, then click publish.)
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I ran into an ex-employee from where I work, Cameron, today. He's doing pretty well for himself, with just one more lab to take before he gets his degree, and he's already landed a full-time job as a chef, something he's always had a passion for. I told him about my current situation and why I don't feel like going back to school just yet, and he understood. He also told me about his brother, who was in the same boat, waiting a whole three years before going back. So I guess it's not so strange, eh?

I've been spending a lot on takeout in the past few weeks, especially from this Chinese place down the road. It's easy, and the food's good, but I really want to start cooking some more. I still cook more than both of my roommates combined, ironically, but I still want to do more. It's also a lot cheaper, which is something I have to think about if I intend to return to school anytime soon.

I am officially a winter child. Yesterday was the first day of the year where we had a temperature above freezing, with a measly 1° C outside. Nonetheless, I actually broke into a sweat, and rummaged through my sunroom until I found the fan I stashed there last fall. It's been on ever since, even though, after nightfall, the temperature went back below freezing. The snow is still everywhere, and here I am thinking it's too hot. I am so lucky I was born in Canada, or else I would have melted away by now. XD


Been studying history a little too much recently, which was a major factor in my bringing back my super-filled-up schedule. I don't know how I do it, but when I really get into something like this, I just lose track of time, until suddenly, it's time to go to bed. Been moving ever more closer to the present, fitting some puzzle pieces together around the eastern Mediterranean. I read about(and watched on TV) the Persian Empire rise to become the largest the world has ever seen, only to fall in flames at the feet of Alexander the Great. And a few centuries before that, I heard a few hypotheses on the origins of the Sea Peoples. The fangirl in me wants to say they came from Atlantis(hence the name, *coughcough*), but realistically I like the idea that they were a group of mercenaries who seemed at a loss in a world where there were no imminent conflicts between nations. And thus they ransacked the countryside all on their own, becoming one of the world's first instances of pirates.

And on the other side of the world(I told you I was studying a lot, remember? *shot*), I looked at the Olmec civilization, the first of its kind on my home continent. The general consensus is that the Olmec, like all other Pre-Columbian Americans, originated from peoples walking/boating across the Bering Strait. However, I've seen a few references, like in this video, suggesting that the Olmec in particular were the descendents of pre-historic Africans:

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I find the "evidence" interesting, but I don't think I can put all my faith in it just yet. I would love to think that Africans made their way across the Atlantic 2000+ years before Leif Erikson was born, but I think that, if they had, there would be at least some clues of such feats left for us to find. Furthermore, the Yucatan isn't really the closest point for Africans to visit; Cuba, Florida, Hispaniola, even the northern coast of South America seem more plausible. So I'm sticking with the Bering Strait theory. ^_^


I beat Mass Effect yesterday! My overall impression of the game is that the story was excellent, and the opportunity for roaming was epic, though it wasn't as long as I would have liked. I would definitely want to play it over, completing all of the side-quests now, and exploring every planet possible, before I go out and buy the sequels. But buy them I will, the only question is when. 

Haven't played Black Version in nearly a week, which will change as I threw that into my super-filled-up schedule, lol. I have three badges now, and a team of six ever-changing critters, all most likely to change over time: Pignite, Whirlipede, Scraggy, Tirtougle, Roggenrole, & Blitzle. I'm still quite a n00b in the competitive aspect of the 5th Gen, but with a new set of tournaments coming around on PokéCommunity, that is set to change very soon.

As for my latest music fix, I've turned to Taylor Swift. Almost everything I hear from her ends up becoming one of my favourites, and this is no exception. There is no MV of it yet, so here it is with Pretty Cures! =D


I haven't updated this thing it awhile, it seems. Twas very busy at work recently, among other things. My last day off was last Wednesday, and my next will be this coming Friday, making it eight days that I've been on the job. Today was originally my day off, but I got called in tonight because management had accidentally scheduled one of my co-workers concurrently with her university classes. I don't usually get these night shifts often, but it worked out in this case. I will be back in there tomorrow morning, so tonight I built up my carts early, so that I can get my work done much faster when I return. ^_^

I usually don't walk too far in the winter, but recently I've been going on those long hikes again. If that's not a sign of spring, I don't know what is. However, when I was on my way back home, the sun went down and snow started falling pretty heavily. I suppose I should have taken a bus the rest of the way, but I didn't. Though the moral is that I should wait until winter is officially over before I try this again. Which should be soon, as we're expecting above freezing temperatures here tomorrow. =O

There was this annoying customer at work the other day, who really seemed to get me going. She was asking me how much the mushrooms were, and I showed her the sign. She then saw a second sign, belonging to a product we were out of, and then got fairly rude with me about taking it down. It then culminated in her going to the manager and claiming that I was ignoring her, though thankfully the manager sided with me. I always try to be super-nice, so when something like this happens anyway, it seems to get to me more than it should. Meh


My problems at work just seemed to vanish when I went home and heard about what had happened in Japan. My boss had told me there was a tsunami-earthquake in the country, sweeping over some farmland and killing thirty-two people. Just thirty-two people. I thought that was bad, but I soon found out the number was so much greater. I've watched several pieces of footage on it now, including the barren ground where entire villages used to be, but what got to me the most was this bit about soldiers rescuing this group of young children. There was this one soldier carrying a little girl, who didn't know what to think about her new surroundings. And that's just one story among thousands. The Japanese are in my thoughts at this moment, and I hope they can get through this, burying the dead and healing the living.

I've been all over the place in terms of studying history this past week, though I am focusing on going as far back as I possibly can, and then moving forward. I've looked at Ancient Egypt, Mesoamerica, the early Chinese Dynasties, Indus Valley Civilization, Mesopotamia, and the Aegean, in descending order in terms of how much I think I've learned. It's interesting seeing all the parallels between seemingly different societies, specifically Mesoamerica. I seriously doubt it's the work of ancient aliens, but I can definitely see how the supporters came to their conclusions regarding that. I think it has more to do with human nature myself, showing how 2-5 different societies developed writing at relatively the same time, while worshipping the same types of deities.


Not much anime coming out this week, understandably. Eiichiro Oda has posted on Twitter since the disaster on Friday, which is good news for those of us who have been following his work for the past decade. Pokémon will still be airing this week, albeit skipping the next two scheduled episodes due to their featuring a town in destruction, which is, again, quite understandable.

No Gossip Girl for another four weeks, but Stargate: Universe started up again last week. It doesn't feel the same watching it, knowing that it won't end properly thanks to the cancellation. But nonetheless, I'll still be tuning in every Monday until the end. I liked how they worked the time travel this time, but I found it cheesy how they used it to get Telford off the ship and back on Earth.

A few weeks ago, thetofu00 suggested some XBox titles to me, including the original Mass Effect. I checked out the previews, finally buying the game last week for $30, and I'm glad I did. I love it! I don't usually like shooting games, but this also has adventure, exploration, and plot to go around, which are all good in my book. I was surprised to hear about the controversy about the game being too sexual in nature, and my responce was an emphatic "O_o?" Seriously folks, while there was one sex-scene in the game that showed the side of a breast(a scene that I opted out of, incidentally), in general there is more fanservice in the Pokémon fandom. People really need to get a clue, seriously.

And to finish this post off with a video, I'm going with Не Отдам, by Максим. The title basically translates to "I won't give up." Cute video, nice lyrics, and all that jazz:


I suppose you could say I'm experiencing my whatever-fraction-of-life crisis. Though really, that's how you could describe me for the past few years. Some rant-like paragraphs are to follow, so only click if you're fine with that.

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Here are all my books here:

The shelf with Aipom has all my math and science texts, while the bottom has foreign-language dictionaries(though the big red one is English) and grammar books. So I have quite a bit of material regardless of which direction I take. XD

Oh, and I kind of like my new-found tradition of adding a video to my entries now, so here goes! This has been one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite artists for nearly a decade now, and I always end up playing it when I need some cheering up.